Phenomenal Cairns Fishing on the Great Barrier Reef


A wish on a number of people’s bucket list is to experience a phenomenal fishing trip in a place so beautiful that you’ll be site seeing as well fishing.

The best place to make this dream come true is on the Great Barrier Reef. The Great Barrier Reef is located in the Coral Sea off the coast of Australia.

Cairns Marlin Fishing
Catch a Marlin in Cairns

This reef system is considered one of the 7 wonders of the world with its 100’s of islands and reefs where so diverse an ecosystem thrives that it has become part of the World Heritage list.

The number of different species of fish will keep you busy for as long as you wish to make your adventure last.

Sightseeing is a must when you plan your adventure.

This is one of the breathtaking places on this Earth.

So much to see and experience as well as the fishing so do your homework and find out all the ways you can make the dream come true.


There are many different options you can take in making your fishing adventure come alive.  You have to decide which one you want to experience first.

Maybe you want to try for the big black marlin that you have heard so much about.

The Giant Black Marlin is what the best stories come from, doing battle with this marvellous fish that can weight upwards of 1000 lbs. or more.

Oh the adrenal rust you will receive while fighting this monster will keep you going for days!

You’ll want to go back for another one.

The season for fishing these big ones are September to December.

Cairns fishing will get your adrenalin going
Cairns fishing

If day fishing is what you had in mind you can stay in Cairns and fish for a day.

Take a Cairns fishing charter out for about an hour and you’ll find all sorts game fish to salt water fish that you can fish for and still have great tales to take home.

They are the smaller marlin 50 to 150 lbs.) wahoo,  yellowtail, mackerel, dorado, mahi mahi as well as tiger and bronze whaler shark.

The reef has the largest number of shark to fish for.

The best fishing for these fish are December to January.

There are also half day charters for folks that have a number of plans for their trip to The great Barrier Reef.

Maybe your way of fishing and taking home a trophy is to capture the beauty of some of the 1500 plus species of fish that swim and call the Great Barrier Reef home, is with a camera.

The photos opportunities are numerous on this large network of reefs and islands. Fishing comes in many forms and this photography form is becoming more popular.

With The Great Barrier Reef you not only can capture the fish but all the different coral as well phenomenal fish photography.

Scuba diving and snorkeling is available to accomplish your dream, whether it’s fishing with tackle or a camera. You can also do both by taking a liveaboard.

This way you can do all the diving and snorkeling in the mornings and then fish in the afternoons when the fishing is at it’s best.

You stay on the liveaboard with great accommodations and all the comforts you’ll need while making your dream a reality.

Tackle is no problem the fishing boat should have all you want whether it heavy or light tackle.

If not there a number of tackle shops that can outfit you with whatever you need.

For your diving or snorkeling pleasures the dive shops can take care of you if the boats you book don’t have exactly what you want.

So mark off the phenomenal Cairns fishing experience you have on your bucket list and book a fishing trip of your dreams. Catch the big one that didn’t get away.