Thrilling Cape Tribulation, Australia


Cape Tribulation Beach
Cape Tribulation Beach

One of the most beautiful spots of the Daintree rainforest is Cape Tribulation, which is at the northern end of Queensland, Australia. The population was 101 in the 2006 census.

Cape Tribulation has some of most beautiful white sandy beaches of the area. The rainforest grows right up to the beaches in such a way the dramatic site can leave you breathless. So if the rainforest is not what you would like to explore this day of your stay you can stay on the beaches and soak up sunshine enjoying warm tropical breezes.

Exploring the oldest living rainforest can be a great educational experience, with plants that are ancient and survived here for thousands of years. Wildlife is abundant as well, to see some of the most colorful birds in the world will thrill the bird watchers and they will take home a great memory. There are boardwalks that take you through the forest so you can experience the forest first hand. Take a spotlight along the boardwalk at night and watch the activities of the nocturnal animals.

There is the Daintree Discovery Center where the information on the rainforest will inform of all the history, wildlife as well as the flora and fauna of the forest. There is also the bat house, and an insect house. There are the fruit farms and tea and coffee houses to enjoy a snack.

Accommodations in Cape Tribulation are many to choose from, resorts and spas, beach houses, rainforest bungalows, lodges and for the romantic bed and breakfasts. For the hikers and backpackers there are camping sites. Noah Beach national park camping grounds and There is one south of the Village.

Food is not a problem while you are in Cape Tribulation. There many place to eat out. Fine restaurants to take out you can find whatever you are hungry for. In Cow Bay you’ll even find a pub.

Adventures are always just around the corner. Horseback riding, tours to the Great Barrier Reef. Jungle tours, four wheel drive tours, river cruise with Croc Spotting. So don’t miss any of the thrills of Cape Tribulation. You won’t be disappointed.