Capturing the Beauty of Cod Hole

Cod Hole
Cod Hole – Exceptional Scuba diving

The beauty of Cod Hole is something you’ll want to capture and keep. This popular diving area is so colorful with the different species of fish and coral. Your eyes and mind will have an experience that will amaze you. So an underwater camera is a must. Cod Hole is known for the potato cod. At the northern end of the Great Barrier Reef it’s sanctioned for feeding the cod and makes it one of the most visited spots on the reef. The potato cod have been fed by divers for the last 20 years. These fish can reach a length of 6 -7 feet (2 meters) and weight 240 pounds (110 kilograms). They are a very friendly fish even with their large size. Some divers have sat on them and ridden them as they swam but this not recommended. The potato cod has been fished out in many parts of the world. They can still be found mostly in the tropical waters as well as the Pacific and Indian oceans. Cods prefer to stay in the reef areas however the young fish abides in reef tide pools. Cod hole is home to the white tip reef shark and other species of fish such as clownfish, leopard morays and napping whitetips. Coral in Cod Hole are in an assortment of soft and hard corals with colors that are so beautiful you’ve got to captures them with your camera. So book your boat tour or diving adventures and capture your memories on your underwater camera of Cod Hole.