Revealing in the Beauty of Ribbon Reef

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Ribbon Reefs North Queensland Australia

The Great Barrier Reef offer a number of breathtaking sights for divers and tour boats, but one of the most beautiful is the Ribbon Reefs. Tourists come from all over the world to see the 10 reefs with all colors of the coral and wildlife.

Ribbon reef have many different hues of turquoise that run 50 miles at the northern end of the Great Barrier Reef. Number ten is Cod Hole where the potato cod can be fed. As a tour boat pulls in the area the cod come up looking for food. The potato cod can reach up to 6-7 feet in length and 240 pounds and are gentle giants that are very friendly. There are other species of fish to watch such as clown fish and leopard morays. Colors of the wild life are a something even a painter would be in awe of.

There are a number of spectacular dives all along the Ribbon Reefs. There is one site called Steve’s Bommie. The dive will enlighten you to large aggregations of fish species. Snapper, batfish, and trevally are a few but if you dive in June or July you may be swimming with a minke whale. You almost ways see whitetip reef sharks and barracuda that circle the Bommie.

A macro hunt is a must so you can observe leap scorpionfish and several different species of anemonefish and nudibranches. Along this section of the Ribbon Reefs you find yourself wrapped in purple and gold anthias as well as bright orange fairy basslets that will rise and fall in unison above the reef. To reveal the beauty of the Ribbon Reefs is so spectacular you’ll never forget the experience. The Pixie Pinnacle has the giant sea fans and fantastic macro wildlife. Challenger Bay is the haven of cuttlefish and the Clam gardens with the giant clams is also something not to miss.

You with your diving friends or by yourself, the Ribbon Reefs are something you’ll want to experience again and again. Be sure to book enough time to reveal all the beauty and splendor these reefs have to offer.