Wonderful Weather of Cairns, Australia

Cairns Weather
Cairns Weather

The tropical weather of this beautiful city is warm all year. Blue skies and breezes along the beaches is a way to relax and enjoy many of the great adventures you will have in Cairns Australia. The wonderful weather is one of the reasons tourist come to visit. With wonderful weather come wonderful times.

There are the hot humid summers with the winters being dry and mild. The annual rainfall is just less than 2000 millimeters that fall mostly in the months of January to March. Daytime temperatures in Cairns range from 23c to 31c in the middle of summer to 18c in mid-winter.

Tropical cyclones will occasionally occur in the months of November through May. The coastal regions are most likely to endure these strong storms.  The rainy season sometimes lasts longer than the winter weather. This is not the best time to visit the beaches due to the box jellyfish that migrate during this period.

Autumn and spring have very little climate change. While September and October are known as the best time of year for travel for most of Australia, Cairns is getting ready for downfalls of rain and the monsoons. Max temperature is 29c with 62% precipitation.

The dry session is the winter season. Cairns experiences little rainfall at this time and the only way to describe the weather is pleasant. The temps will be 18c to 26c and each day will have sun with breezes instead of winds.  The lowest it may get is night time lows of around 10c. The dry season is about the end of May through October.

Cairns Australia is known as one of the most beautiful eye-catching cities as well as the most temperamental. The wonderful weather of Cairns also includes the tropical breezes that will charm you into relaxation while walking on the beaches.